Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Oud – A Masterpiece

Talking of the Oud, it is a string instrument sometimes referred to as Lute or Barbat.

Whenever the name Oud is mentioned, some think of earlier civilizations such as Mesopotamia. Legend even has it that there are magical powers behind this instrument.

The Oud is not only played or found in Arabia, it is in Europe, Africa and the Americas not to mention others. The Czech and Slovaks adore it, Bahrainis even sleep with it, Canadians collect them etc. etc.

How or why you play your Oud shouldn’t be underestimated. People play the Oud for various reasons – whereas some play it to communicate the message of Harmony and Peace, others play it to instigate Hatred.

There is no magic in the Oud – it is, and remain an instrument, it is a tool. The purpose for which you use it, will determine the result it will bring you.

One effective use of the Oud is to express gratitude for one’s life to the Creator of life itself. When I think of the Oud in this perspective, I think of the name Judah – which means Praise.


Anonymous said...

Love the oud too. Just a note--the 2 pics look like a lute. Same name etymology, but fretted instrument. The oud is unfretted.

Amadeo said...

So this is how an OUD looks. Pretty much like a lute. But not that I can play either.

I suppose learning it would be pretty much like learning to play the guitar.

I did learn to play the ukelele, or the uke, with its 4 strings.

Anonymous said...

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